Hege Marie Sivertsen Brown

UI/UX Designer, Graphic designer, Art Director, Fullstack developer, Polymath

This is not really a portfolio

just some of my work in its simplest possible presentation

because I'm always too busy studying, experimenting or working on something new to sit down and make a proper site for myself

Bloomberg OnSitePro


Bloomberg OnSitePro is a tool for financial corporations to show advertisement free financial news in their offices and branches.
Betty explains the product better here

This was during my time as Art Director for Telecine Multimedia in Montreal. I did UX and direction for both the frontend channel and the backend application, while assisted by junior designer on channel template variations. I also did all the html and css for the administration tool and Scala templates and some scripting for the channel.

There was two big challenges with this project. Working with Bloombergs extremely bold profile colors was a challenge because it can be very overpowering, especially in an application UI. Their identity was built for very different purposes.

There is also a big cultural difference between European and American users, so I had to completely set aside my personal preferences. Being forced to adapt was a very valuable experience for me as a designer.

The second great challenge was the massive amounts of text information and options. Looking back, I think we could have done it even better. Then again, things can always be better, so part of the job is also knowing when to stop.

"Hege is a highly creative and talented professional who consider art to be a science. She did impressive work by showing her talent in the design of an administrative dashboard at Telecine. She is a passionate person, with a vision that get you right to the point!"
Vincent de Grandpré, Idéateur, développeur, musicien et technologue

Bloomberg OnSitePro - UX/UI  |  HTML/CSS  |  SCALA

The Moon Shopping

UX/UI  |  Identity  |  Iconography  |  Infographics

There are three types of shoppers, The Power Shopper, The Reluctant Shopper and the Inspirational Shopper. The Moons target audience is the inspirational shopper who can spend hours and hours looking in windows, and who absolutely love shopping.

When working with design, I put on a certain hat. I like to compare it to what actors do when they want to understand the character they are playing. The best actors live and breath their characters, even outside the set, to completely immerse themselves in the thoughts and feelings of that character. In similar ways I become the user of the product I am designing.

"I become the user of the product I am designing."

I always strive for a certain ambience and I trust my intuition quite heavily to decide what it is and how to achieve it. Design is to me smells, sounds, temperatures and textures. Only later I put my intuition to the test by observing if my users feel the same way, and my personal emotions has to step aside.

For The Moon I wanted to create a feeling of egyptian cotton and matured vanilla. Soft and pleasant, like almond milk baths and Sundays morning lattes. A non-intrusive place where I can feel relaxed and comfortable. Where the power shopper would want bright, clear colors to power through the experience as efficiently as possible, I,- the inspirational shopper will find my way when I am ready to make a purchase. (I am actually a power shopper myself, I hate shopping). The UX process is rather messy, constantly evolving and going through many stages of testing, stakeholder reviews and feedback, changes, modifications and discoveries. Sometimes even fortunate accidents and huge surprises. The process is never the same from project to project.

On The Moon, I took over UX from the developers half way through the project. They never had any wireframes or overall plan for the UX, so I had limited power to restructure the flow due to code structure and time constraints. In cases like this the challenge is to improve as much as possible with what you got and simultaneously work diligently to convince investors and stakeholders to invest in new features and improvements.

ADOBE XD: Product filter & zoom flow mockup ADOBE XD: Random UX wireframes, in no specific order ADOBE XD: High level chat UX, just to get programmers started with modifications to existing design
The Moon Shopping - UX/UI  |  Identity  |  Iconography  |  Infographics


UX/UI  |  Iconography  |  Vue.js/Firebase developer  |  Product owner

ARCT is a SaaS risk management tool for developers in the Arctic Region and this design is all about efficiency. Clear colors and icons, no fuzz, down to business. Inspired by Googles Pattern Library, but with a tad softer touch. (Ongoing project)

It started out as a prototype. I was 'just' going to make a simple javascript tool to test the concept. I felt that their initial sketches was very outdated, and their icons was hard to read and didn't stand out properly from the map. So I asked for permission to redo their entire look and suggest changes across the entire product. The feedback has been very positive and we continue with testing and tuning.

I have picked a Google stack of Vue.js, Google Maps and Firebase realtime database for the application. In addition to doing the UI/UX design, I am also doing all of the coding. Because I do everything on this project, I am not working with wireframes and sketches. Instead I use the software constantly as I code it with two purposes in mind. One is to hunt for bugs, and the other is to get a feel for how the UX works. I always use my own products to get the feel for where things can be optimized.

"I always use my own products to get the feel for where things can be optimized."

All rights reserved ARCT & Kaisa Consulting.
ARCT.tools - UX/UI  |  Iconography  |  Vue.js/Firebase developer  |  Product owner

Fashion Week Online

UX/UI  |  Lead artist/character artist  |  AS3/Flash prototyping

My time as UI/UX Designer and Developer, and later Lead Artist/Art Director for Fashion Week, was undoubtedly the most exiting time of my life. I spent 12 years 'stalking' Funcom in every way I could, constantly learning new skills, hoping for a chance to work with them.

After working closely with Skullcandy Europe for a couple of years and getting noticed by Snowboarding enthusiast and producer Jørgen Tharaldsen, I was asked to join them as Lead UI/UX to work on an extreme sport prototype UI.

I did all the design, logo, branding, UI/UX and programming for all the Scaleform interface. People didn't believe we could do it. Nobody had attempted to create a user interface using ONLY the mouse to control a complete range of Snowboarding tricks before. But we did it and the user testing was very positive! Unfortunately we were not able to get funding to finish the game.

The prototype team split up into other games. I did a bit of work on the Secret World, but my 'baby' was Fashion Week Live. I was one of the first people on the team and I made prototypes in AS3 for the character creation and UI/UX features. I also did a lot of the character art myself, as well as overseeing and mentoring the art teams located in Montreal and Beijing. I also had the great honor of working with digital art worldstar Martha Dahlig who designed the most amazing dresses for us.

I never cared much for fashion to be honest, but working with IMG World and getting front row seats to New York Fashion Week, backstage passes to interview the models and designers, was a lot of fun.

"Hege is an extremely talented artist that use many mediums and/or applications to communicate a product vision clearly and concisely. She is excellent at managing an art team and providing proper feedback. Hege is an asset to any team and I would and continue to work with her at any opportunity."
Matthew Zoern, Executive Producer

Game Trailer

Fashion Week Online - UX/UI  |  Lead artist/character artist  |  AS3/Flash prototyping

Thief Mobile Game

UI/UX  |  Character art & Design

This was a pitch we did back in Funcom Social Games in Montreal. I honestly don't know what happened with it, cause I was offered a job as Art Director in another studio and left before we could complete it. But I still think it looks cool. My character art doesn't match the quality level of the best guys at Eidos and Square Enix, but it served its purpose.

Thief Mobile Game - UI/UX  |  Character art & Design

Loyalty App Concept

UI/UX  |  Gamification

Concept for gamified loyalty program app for airline company. As you travel around the world and collect airmiles, you also collect badges, profile upgrades, bonuses, unlock quizzes and events and turns travelling into a real backpacker game. All rights reserved www.megapopgames.com

Loyalty App Concept - UI/UX  |  Gamification

Megapop identity

Logo/Identity/Webdesign/Craft CMS/Vue.js

My dear old friends and colleguas from Funcom, now indie-studio and consultancy Megapop. I had so much fun designing our MegaStar logo and businesscards.

The website is built with Craft CMS backend with a REST API and Vue.js frontend. There is a lot of polishwork remaining, especially getting the responsive components right, but you know what they say about the shoemakers kids. The average consultancy has little time for it's own website.
"Hege is rare and unique, and she is a blast to work with. Seldom have I seen such dedication to work as Hege shows, but the dedication is framed within an ability to deliver outstanding quality. Hege has a remarkable ability to master both the technical and artistic sides of her many talents. I don’t think she is fully aware of how good she is at all of these things, and she always seems intent on becoming better."
Jørgen Tharaldsen, CEO - Megapop Games

Megapop identity - Logo/Identity/Webdesign/Craft CMS/Vue.js

StarTrek Mobile Game

UI & Artwork

This looks cooler than it actually was. It wasn't a real project, but a test for a similar, and equally cool project for Ludia Games in Montreal. Unfortunately my work visa expired and I had to leave the country, so I didn't get much else done, but it shows a bit of my ability to adapt to different styleguides and draw art and elements as I need them. (I did everything here, except the ships, but including effects and color adjustments)

StarTrek Mobile Game - UI & Artwork

Kodus Home

Logo/UX/UI/Craft CMS

Initial concept for client. This is often how it starts. Your client has their style and you need to figure out what it is. The house that inspired the design is a victorian style building with tons of patterns and details, so the logo and UI needed to reflect that.

This is a work in progress project and early prototype, but the house is now possible to navigate at the website.

Kodus Home - Logo/UX/UI/Craft CMS

Bingo Mobile Game

UX/UI Art & Design

Click for summary of the design process

Concept for bingo app. All rights reserved www.megapopgames.com
Bingo Mobile Game - UX/UI Art & Design


Graphic design, Product design, Illustration

I have done a lot more work obviously through my 21 years in the industry. Unfortunately, in the process of moving across continents I lost a harddrive with several gigabytes of work samples, so this is pretty much all I have left from before 2014.